About Us
We have a broad variety of aims for all our children in Little Daffodils. Child learn, develop and thrive through positive relationships with carers. Each child is treated as an individual and interaction is tailored to his or her needs.

At Little Daffodils we promote a broad balanced curriculum which is in line with Early Years Foundation Stage (2014). Your child will enjoy a wide range of activities suitable for their age focusing on the three Prime Areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world; as well as Expressive Arts and design) to ensure they achieve their Early Learning Goals.

Little Daffodils provides all the appropriate resources to reinforce the promotion of learning through play. We have two spacious dedicated rooms enabling a wide variety of activities including messy play, creative activities, sensory activities, reading, lots of toys and of course quiet time!

Adult monitors facilitate play and encourage individual children to develop according to their own interests – in self ” initiative as well as adult ” led activities, supporting their social, emotional, physical and educational development.

We scaffold children’s learning and enable them to understand their learning in play.


Little Daffodils go on outings to all sorts of places such as local parks, the local library, shops, the zoo, the city farm and indoor soft play centres, amongst others. We see this as an opportunity to help them understand and engage with the outside world in a safe, supervised environment.

Permission is always sought from parents before excursions.